Saturday, December 12, 2009


It's Chanukkah. I've been planning my latke approach for a few weeks now, so the results are extra special. "Regular" potato with dill and fresh parsley; Curry sweet potato with leeks; and chipotle beet.

Fun to make.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


I feel like such a grown-up - the best part of my day today was after work.

- Bought some great new kicks. A little off-message, but I'm still juiced to rock em.
- Sang great music with the PEBCC alumni choir in preparation for two concerts in early December.
- Caught the encore set of the Ray Ray show at the Fox (couldn't hear anything, but he looked great). No ticket required, apparently.

But most exciting, walked past our NEW TICKET WINDOW! Soon to be up and running... get ready!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

roller skates

As a kid, roller skates were a means of transportation in the neighborhood. Recently, they've joined a league of their own. One of my favorite pasttimes more recently was "club games" - coming up with ways to entertain myself and my loved ones at the expense of not-so-innocent party-goers around town.

One favorite is "Roller Skates". Participants earn points by identifying the fastest rollers in the crowd and convincing her to trade (her ridiculous) shoes with you(r much more comfortable ones). It's a hard game.

I became very curious about roller skates - where to buy them, etc. - so I've been on a hunt. Here are my spoils:

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


little people: mini-futbolistas at la escuelita next to my office
little wins: no fights at the front office coordination meeting
little snacks: small apples in the field trip focus group
little truths: musical differences between oakland and frisco, soul

it's the little things...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Most of the time, I need stuff that can help me keep my head high above the pain and heartache that fill my days. Sometimes, though, there's so much going on that even the strongest pick-me-ups can't lift me high enough and the illusion gets shaky. Today was one of those days. I will continue to be sad and terrified by how easy it is for adults to demonstrate their disrespect for young people by stripping out all of the supports that make it even halfway bearable to navigate through changing expectations and real decisions. I want to believe that I can impact that. I want to continue to shift those priorities. I want my future generations to have a foundation to continue this work for their future generations. I want to win.

Sometimes, though, I can get swept up in the fervor and turmoil and forget the values that ground me in this work. I can get panicky and careless. I can act outside of myself and forget.

I am grateful for the small number of people who can see that happening in me and know how to get through my brambles to stay close to me and remind me of what I already know in the different ways I need to hear it. More than any pick-me-up, I get so much from those who know how to hold me down.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Crazy hard week last week made me make an appointment at the Korean spa in SF. When Jess, Tracey, and I tried its LA-counterpart last spring, I didn't know what to expect and my life was changed forever. The SF version is closer, and maybe a little cleaner, and I couldn't pick a better place to shed a lot of emotional and physical skin right now.

After a spontaneous nap, I had pupusas and brave conversation at a spot in West Oakland I'd never tried before and will go to again next time the bridge is broken and I have a fried cheese craving.

Watch out this week, if I see you, I might make you touch me.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

stress + music = supergreat

Spent this morning at an early meeting where we presented our budget woes to the OUSD Principals - how would YOU cut $28 million from a budget of $252 million?

Spent more of the morning helping with some tedious details at a deep east middle school - and busted two girls cutting school on pajama day.

Spent the afternoon helping with some tedious details at a shrinking elementary school - found some small space to laugh.

THEN, got a surprise gift from one of my favorite colleagues - the newest Cecilia Bartoli CDs PLUS the accompanying 100-page castrato dictionary!! Opera nerd SCORE!

THEN, I didn't get stuck on the Bay Bridge. Again. Scary.